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The SRNCN is engaged in supporting the educational, training and professional needs of clinical research nurses and midwives. We want to share and distribute relevant information and resources to aid the professional development of clinical research nurses and midwives. 

On this page you will find links to courses, events and articles that may be of interest to you.

Critical care work during COVID-19: a qualitative study of staff experiences in the UK May 2021

What are research nurses' experiences of obtaining consent from or for patients participating in emergency care research? A qualitative review June 2019

Evaluation of a primary care clinical research nursing service Dec 2018

Review of research nursing and midwifery across the UK and Ireland in 2017 June 2018

The Clinical Research Nurse Workforce May 2018

Clinical Trials & the Role of the Oncology Clinical Trials Nurse March 2018

A proposed clinical research support pathway for noninvestigators Feb 2018

Recruiting to cohort studies in specialist healthcare services: Lessons learned from clinical research nurses in UK cleft services Jan 2018

Clinical research nurses have a vital role in high-quality care Oct 2017

A Resource-Based Relative Value for Clinical Research Nurse’s Workload Oct 2017

Ethical challenges experienced by clinical research nurses  March 2017

Engaging nurses in clinical research - February 2017

Professional Identity and the Clinical Research Nurse: A Qualitative Study exploring issues impacting on participant recruitment in research

Clinical trials – improving patient experience March 2017

Using on-call research nurses to boost recruitment to clinical trials - 2017

Clinical research nurse or nurse researcher? - 2015

Making research nurses feel part of the team -2014

Nursing research: ethics, consent and good practice - 2014

The research nurse must be an advocate for trial participants 

Subject advocacy and the clinical trials nurse - 2013

Developing clinical research nurses - 2012

Role of the research nurse - 2011

Clinical Research Nursing: A Critical Resource in the National Research Enterprise - 2011

National Guidance for Clinical Academic Research Careers for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions in Scotland - 2011

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